Issues with PlayOn Library - language remains "Unknown", odd track title, & metadata messed up - Please Help!

I have a bunch of content recorded using PlayOn that I want to cleanup for use in Plex. My goals are to:

  • trim 6 seconds off the beginning & 120 seconds off the end
  • change the “Unknown” language tag to “English”
  • add to or improve upon the metadata already populated by PlayOn

Before running MCEBuddy across my entire library, I’ve been testing it out with a few different files in order to nail down my process. So far, the trim function is working well, but the language tag remains “Unknown” & I’m having problems with the title & track names, I end up with dashes or periods after the name & I think the incorrect name is then causing issues with the metadata.

I’m completely stumped as to what I’m doing wrong and would greatly appreciate some help & direction.

Chef’s Table.S06E04.mp4-Convert to MP4-2019-04-27T15-36-22.0164029-07-00.log (428.1 KB)
mcebuddy.log (83.5 KB)

Thanks in advance!!

You haven’t set it to download the metadata from the internet (Conversion Task -> Expert Settings -> Download information) so it’s all blank. The - are coming from your custom renaming pattern

Thanks for the reply, I’ll run it again with the option to download metadata selected.

To help me understand the process better, is the structure of my file name causing any issues? I had previously tried processing files named using the Plex preferred structure so that I wouldn’t have to use the custom renaming feature (Show Title - s##e##), but it didn’t make a difference to the outcome.

It depends on the naming pattern. See the topic on metadata extraction and downloading information from the internet. It tell you what MCEBuddy parses filenames and extracts the metadata. The download then supplements the missing information from the internet.

In your above example the filenames only contained the show name and episode number and season number. So there wasn’t much to begin with.

I read through that metadata topic, but it sounds like I confused the points about how to name the source file with the custom renaming of the output.

I ran the file last night with Download Data option checked & adjusted my file name to be “Show Title S##E##” (I had to remove any dashes & periods). The metadata worked but I’m still having issues with the language - it shows as “Unknown” in Plex and there isn’t a language field when I check the details in Media Info. Any idea what’s causing this?

Thanks for helping me figure out that it was the naming convention of my source file that was causing me headaches with the metadata.

I think I figured out what was happening, your MP4 file contained metadata embedded in it, MCEBuddy was overwriting it with the metadata from your filename (which was causing the extra . in it).

I’ve fixed it by providing a separate option in the metadata correction page to overwrite the metadata using the filename metadata (which conforms to the standard you referred to) and also an option for users to select if they want to overwrite the metadata using a specific internet provider. Renaming, Extracting Metadata from Files and Downloading from the Internet

Please update to the latest 2.4.11 BETA build and it should fix your metadata issues.

Coming to the language, audio languages cannot be modified and is preserved based on the original file. Subtitle languages are set based on the original track or if unavailable, then the system language.

It works beautifully!!!

Incredible how quickly you were able to add that feature - thank you!!

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