Is there a way to control metadata download language for tv, and ignore original title's for movies?

Two questions around metadata. I typically allow mcebuddy to download it as my video files are just plain ts files. I use your provided naming conventions and i get metadata the majority of the time, but my problem is that sometimes I get non-english and wondering if there is a way to force it to use english?
An example would be Miss Scarlet and the Duke - Episode 2 - and it appears that it’s downloading one of the other languages. the language button looks like it says cestina. It also messes with my folder naming.

2nd question is similar but around movies - is there a way to make it not use original titles from imdb? An example would be The Good, The Bad and the Ugly which renames to “Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo”

Try playing with the options on the metadata correction page: