Downloading info from the internet - How to force a change

If a file has a title and comments in it already and I run it through Mcebuddy it goes through the process but it does not erase or change the title or the comment field in the file. If I right click on the file and click properties then details the original information is still in these fields. If I delete this info from these fields and run Mcebuddy again it will download the information from the internet and put it there most of the time. In some cases I have to run filebot on the file and rename the file (even though it does not actually rename the file as it’s already correct) but once done Mcebuddy will download the info and place it in the file correctly.
Just a bunch of different things I have to do sometimes to files to get the proper title and comments (description of the movie) from Mcebuddy. So my question is without having to manually delete the existing info that is already there or run it through filebot and rename is there a way to force Mcebuddy to do all of this ?

MCEBuddy tries to match the information with online sources based on what’s already present (as a starting point) as described here.

It sounds like some of the starting point information is incorrect and is throwing MCEBuddy off. If you know the best source of authoritative information for your shows, in the Conversion Task → Expert Settings → Download information → Correction you can choose the source in the Override metadata from internet