Increase CUDA Cores

I noticed in my log that Nvidia Hardware converting is working but I have 700+ Cuda Cores and it looks like FFMPEG is only using 128, any way to increase the number of cores?


I would be interested in this as well, with a recent purchase of a 1070 TI with 2432 cores that could be used

If I’m correct the number of CUDA cores used are determined by the NVidia graphics driver. Historically NVIDIA graphics drivers are optimized for performance over quality (which limited CUDA cores for non performance applications).
Now you’ll find 2 types of drivers from NVidia

  1. Creator Ready Drivers (CRD) <-- This is what you want for MCEBuddy
  2. Game Ready Drivers (GRD)

The GRD’s are focused on performance (frame rates) where as the CRD’s are focused and quality and stability. I would recommend trying to download the CRD version of your driver and then trying it out. Download Drivers | NVIDIA