Hulu recordings - Ad Marker removal leaves 1 second of ad

I am trying to remove commercials with markers from Hulu recordings, and it is removing them all. but it leaves 1 second of Ad for every commercial it removes. Any way to extend what it removes to fix this?


I think you can adjust that via the global removes portion of comskip - try playing with the delete show before and after attributes. It’s also worth checking the comskip forums - they may cover this topic as well. Good luck!

I thought using the “Use Markers” setting wasn’t using ComSkip?? Am I wrong?


it’s not - it’s using the xml or edl file to cut the video file using ffmpeg. How are you getting the markers?

If it’s via Plex, you need to modify the comskip.ini file to do that.

Sorry, should have said, I am using PlayOn

In that scenario, it should be playon that’s setting the markers. Is there any ability to change how it marks commercials?