HDHomeRun H.264 - Subtitles?

Is the HDHomerun H.264 Profile supposed leave the broadcast subtitles? I get those with the HDHomeRun Unprocessed profile, but I did not with the H.264. I have both the donor versions of MCEBuddy and ComSkip and unless I have something configured wrong, it appears they are not supported?

I did NOT have the subtitles checkbox checked, but I didn’t in the Unprocessed config either. I have attached screen shots and my MCEBuddy Log file.

Also regarding the commercial removal, I recorded 60 Minutes and the first few commercials were NOT skipped. Those between the segments were however. Is this normal?


60 Minutes S50E21 20180218 [20180219-0000].mpg-HDHomeRun H.264-2018-02-20T13-21-03.3211987-06-00.log (1.7 MB)

You need to check the “Extract subtitles and closed captions” option on the conversion task page to get MCEBuddy to extract them.

And yes, the unprocessed profiles will leave the broadcast closed captions in the video stream since it copies the video unaltered. All other profiles will recode the video and the closed captions will be lost (hence the option to extract them).

The “Add subtitles” option will add any available subtitles into the container (MP4 or MKV) after conversion

This is the order it finds the Comskip INI files:

  1. Specified in the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings -> Comskip INI
  2. Specified in the System Settings -> Comskip Profile (not Comskip Path)
  3. Use the default Comskip INI provided with MCEBuddy

You may need to tweak your comskip.ini to be more aggressive in finding commercials if it’s missing a few. Check out this post:

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Goose, thanks much for the info, it was very valuable. The “Extract subtitles and closed captions” checkbox does create the .SRT file with the video file. However, I could not get the HDHomerun W10 app to display subtitles (ie. by clicking the CC button). Further, on my W8.1 HTPC, I could not get the HDHomerun Kodi add-on to display them either. However, I could get the Kodi video player to display them, probably because it looks for the srt file. From reading your post, I was under the impression that MCEBuddy would read the SRT and embed them back into the video as broadcast subtitles. Any suggestions?


Currently only the unprocessed profiles retain closed captions. There hasn’t been much demand for keeping closed captions but rather instead of SRT file and embedded subtitles which are supported.

You can open a feature request and we can look into it

Currently only the unprocessed profiles retain closed captions.<

Ok, I guess its back to the HDHomerun unprocessed then.

There hasn’t been much demand for keeping closed captions but rather instead of SRT file<

I will pursue this with the Silicon Dust folks to see if there is any intent to support the SRT files in their player(s).

You can open a feature request and we can look into it<

Yes, subtitles are essential for the old ears, and the embedded (broadcast) subtitles are easier to use and clean up, but mainly they are in better/easier to sync than the SRT file version. Where do I go to open a feature request?

Thanks again Goose for all your support. Its been great!