GPU Nvidia GTX 750 Ti encoding not working

Before all my *.wtv files were encoded to *.mp4 using the GPU acceleration.
Now it looks like it is not working.
My log
Nvenc version 8.1
Nvenc version not supported. Disabling feature.
What happened>

Logs please

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black-ish_BETHD_2022_12_12_10_58_00.wtv-Converted Silicon Dust MP4-2022-12-18T09-09-51.log (2.0 MB)

Using W10 1511 with windows media center (wmc) installed. Cannot use version >1511 since the siliciondust home tuner’s DIGITAL CABLE CARD’s DRM is not supported. Unfortunately, >1511 + wmc will not detect the cable card’s channels.

I am stuck at W10 1511 and whatever Nivida drivers are available.

MCEBuddy is enabling nvenc but it looks like handbrake is having compatibility issues with your nvidia graphics driver. Did you update/change your driver recently? What’s your graphics driver version?