GPU Nvidia GTX 750 Ti encoding not working

Before all my *.wtv files were encoded to *.mp4 using the GPU acceleration.
Now it looks like it is not working.
My log
Nvenc version 8.1
Nvenc version not supported. Disabling feature.
What happened>

Logs please

How do attach a file?
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black-ish_BETHD_2022_12_12_10_58_00.wtv-Converted Silicon Dust MP4-2022-12-18T09-09-51.log (2.0 MB)

Using W10 1511 with windows media center (wmc) installed. Cannot use version >1511 since the siliciondust home tuner’s DIGITAL CABLE CARD’s DRM is not supported. Unfortunately, >1511 + wmc will not detect the cable card’s channels.

I am stuck at W10 1511 and whatever Nivida drivers are available.