Free version capability

I am using the free version (2.3.13). The free version does everything I need except using H.264 Nvidia NVENC to transcode. I have looked everywhere for a profile that will help me use the Nvenc, none to be found. Do I have to pay the $30.00 for that capability? Currently I am using Plex to remove the commercials and MCEBuddy to convert the .ts to .mp4. What I like about MCEBuddy is that it saves the converted file in the same location as the source file intend of creating a sub, sub, sub-directory of the source directory when using optimize. Appreciate your response. Thank you.

Yes the premium version (2.4.11) has about 1000+ new features, enhancements and bug fixes since 2.3.13 which include hardware encoding, unprocessed profiles (no re-coding of audio/video), brand new metadata matching engine, library management and lots more. You can check out the release notes for more details in the Announcements link below


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