Video quality of free vs premium version?

I’m new MCEBuddy and am interesting in using it convert *.wtv files to mp4 (or other) for streaming to a Chromecast device. I tried the free version of MCEBuddy (v2.3) last night on a recording I had made of a PBS broadcast. Although it converted and streamed fine, when viewing the converted file I noticed the video quality was not as good as the original. On both my monitor and TV, it was noticeably softer (fuzzier) than the original (wtv file) played in Windows Media Center.

Is this is an issue/limitation with v2.3? Would MCEBuddy Premium do better? I would like maintain the same quality as the original, and am happy to pay for premium if it will do that. But I want to be sure before buying it.

Thanks for any feedback on this.

The profile determines how much quality is retained (trade off between quality and time taken). You can also play with the video quality slider (trade off between size and quality).

With the premium versions there is a new type of profile called Unprocessed profile which retains the original video and audio exactly as is and is beneficial if you just want to change containers (eg WTV to MP4).

Thanks for the feedback. In the free version I don’t see any of the settings you mentioned (profile/quality slider). I expect these are premium only features. So is it a safe bet that these would improve on what I’m getting now with the free version?

EDIT: I found where these settings are in v2.3. So I’ll try adjusting those and see how it does. Thanks again.