Entire video blank

Video input file ok, with commercials. After program execution, the video is blank. I tried the beta version with the same results. I think it has to do with configuration of comskip. I do not see any parameter that could affect sensitivity. This worked last year without me fiddling with it.

Turn off hardware encoding in expert settings.

Someone else had a similar issue, the graphics driver was updated and was causing the issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. Turned off hardware acceleration in expert conversion settings, same result. Audio, blank video. Going to see if I can turn off conversion all together.

It was a reconfiguration of the input.mp4 file. MCE couldn’t handle the higher resolution I was using. It now works as it should with a lower resolution mpeg input file. Works ok with universal WMV files as well.

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Can you upload the original file with has the issue to our server so we can check out what’s going on.

I looked through the menu and couldn’t find an upload feature. When I record NCIS on my Windows 10 pc with audials 19 streaming feature from CBS.com, using a relocated console.ini file with mcebuddy, it seems that there are no setting changes that will remove commercials at all. If I use NERO 18, add spotter, it seems to work flawlessly, although a lot of manual effort. MCEBuddy worked last year without fault. What am I doing wrong?

Instructions to upload:

The problem with comskip.ini was not a relocation issue. I tried several user ini files, same results. Tried them in the program files directory, same results. The problem turned out to be what I was using as a DVR, I cannot receive CBS off air, so I used Audials streaming feature from CBS.com. As it turns out, any other stream setting besides " record from screen " does not work with mce. If I use record from screen, all ini files work in all locations. Don’t know why, go figure!

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