Engine stopping after reinstall

Hi, everytime before using I need to reinstall MCEBuddy. It says in Swedish: “MCEBuddy is not available. Start from the control panel in Windows or check the engine”. I do not know how to do, except reinstall.
Please help me.

Some process is killing the MCEBuddy service engine. It could be a corrupted hard disk sector some malware protection or antivirus or some monitoring program which is stopping the engine.

Click on events Or open the the windows logs which may tell which why the MCEBuddy engine is being stopped.

Thanks RBoy, harddisk ok and event log ok, I found out that there was an additional shortcut LACKING my Windows login account in use. Strange. When I tried to delete it it appeared as a exe, not shortcut. I had another shortcut which the start menu not refers to, with my windows account in use. I moved the strange .exe look alike to the program folder, there it appeared as a shortcut and i deleted it.
Happy easter! :slight_smile: