DisableEncoderReordering disables hardware encoding

Hi all,

I just transitioned to a new Plex Server and moved my profile file over for MCEBuddy.

It seems like it’s detecting the NVidia card, but it’s not using it. Any thoughts?

Logs attached.The Office (2005) - S06E04 - Niagara.ts-Convert to MP4-2020-09-07T22-47-22.log (913.6 KB)

Thanks! Will.

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This is the setting in the profile which is causing to skip hardware encoding

INFORMATION> --> User has forced no reordering of encoder tools, skipping hardware optimization encoder reordering (DisableEncoderReordering=true)

I need to dig deeper into this. It shouldn’t skip hardware encoding, it should only skip reordering.

Makes sense - I manually changed the order so ffmpeg is first now - works great now.

Interestingly enough, the performance of the rtx 2060 super is nearly identical to the performance of the rtx 2060.

Thanks! Will.

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Thanks for reporting this, it’s been fixed in today’s 2.5.5 BETA build. It was accidentally disabling hardware encoding while skipping re-ordering.