Disable EDL Creation

I am trying to prevent MCEBuddy from creating EDL files. I created a custom profile that deletes any EDL files prior to the conversion process (see this thread for the details). I then used the comskipinieditor to set the output_edl variable to 0 but it is still generating an EDL upon conversion. Any steps that I might be missing?

Check your logs and look for edl, it’ll tell you the source. It’s possible the EDL file aren’t being deleted soon enough.

Weird. That seems like what happens to be the case.
Line 213

PreMetaCustomCommandPath = c:\users\public\recorded tv\edl_delete.bat

Line 448

INFORMATION> 2018-06-20T19:33:41 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Found existing EDL file and saved it

Would Line 213 be when the bat runs or would that be later? Any workarounds for this? Would there be another install of comskip that Windows Media Center is using to create the EDL?

Edit: Ok I think I figured it out. I had another batch file that was deleting any recordings over 2 months old. The bat file that was supposed to delete the EDL files was in that folder…Woops.

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