Custom Cut Com Exception

I wanted to try out the custom cut feature on some sporting events that have some extra added on to the end of the files, but i can’t get them to open in the custom cut program. I read some about the error “failed to load media file, error: system.runtime.interopServices.comException (0xc00d11b1) Exception from Hresult: 0xc00d11b1”
It seems installing lavfilters is the fix (atleast in the past), but that didn’t work for me. I am pretty sure i installed them when i did the mcebuddy install, but i downloaded the latest 0.74.1 and installed it but it didn’t help. One thing i noticed in the lav filter video config, it has none for hardware decoder to use. I also tried quicksync and dxva2 and it didn’t seem to matter. I have a builtin intel graphics 630 adapter.

One thing i noticed with files is the 1080i files seem to be the failing ones and 720p files are loading. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Also i use hdhomerun prime with verizion, so all the files have no DRM.

I just tried it on another user on the same pc and it works. So i guess there is a setting incorrect somewhere but not sure what.