Copying image files to converted folder

When I use MCEbuddy to convert files to remove commercials in Emby, it does not retain the TV show image. in other words it converts the TV show OK and deletes original file, but what remains is the “Old” folder and it still contains the TV show jpeg image, but does not put a copy of the image in the new converted folder, so the image does not show up in my Emby library.

any suggestions?

What’s the name of the jpg file? Currently MCEBuddy only copies SRT, XML, NFO and EDL files of the same filename to the destination folder. Maybe we can add supporting for copying JPEG file also

You can always write a PostCustomCommand to copy or execute custom actions after the conversion if complete.

Thanks for responding so quickly. Odd it seems to work sometimes, but I just checked and they all seem to be jpeg (so not sure why sometimes works). Appreciate the offer to include jpeg, just not sure why I am unique. My setup is Emby, maybe there is a setting in Emby to make it other than a jpeg image, not sure. one example is “Entertainment Tonight S37E230-thumb.jpg”

for writing a PostCustomCommand, I have no idea how to do that, can try if you send me in right direction, but wondering how/why I would be unique.

Thnaks much

Here is the official documentation:

Here is an example (assuming the filename doesn’t change):

PostCustomCommandParameters="/c copy "%originalfilepath%\%originalfilename%-thumb.jpg" "%destinationpath%\""

If you’re on the latest 2.4.9 version you can use "%destinationpath%\%convertedfilename%-thumb.jpg" if your converted filename is different from the original filename.

Thanks! I have now seen in Emby the check box to save the metadata in NFO format. So as I believe you said that should copy over. I am doing a test now, thanks again