Converted Video Corrupt after upgrade to MCEBuddy 2.4.11 32bit

I was successfully using the free version MCEBuddy 2.3.13 32bit using TS unprocessed profile on Windows 7. Now after doing a clean install the converted video is “jumpy” and unwatchable. One recording kept looping back to the beginning. Any pointers where I should begin to look? Thank you.Pawn.Stars.S04E05.Not.on.My.Watch.ts-Convert Recordings-2019-06-25T13-38-05.4033603-05-00.log (543.8 KB)

Followup - seems that the problem was using Windows Media Player to play the converted file. Using Plex, all is good . Any suggestions for a simple desktop player? Thank you.

Try VLC, it has support for multiple OS’s and is a very stable and powerful player.