Chapters in XML format are not being added to output videos

I ripped a tv series, transcoded and realized that I didn’t add the subtitles into my videos.

I have extracted the subtitles using MKVExtract into .xml files and I’m trying to get MCEBuddy to add them into the finalized videos.

The filenames for the xml files match the video filenames, however, after processing the videos, there are no chapters in the files (mkv) and the xml files are moved along with the original video files to their destination folder – so they are being recognized.

MCEBuddy is adding the external subtitles and into the videos.

Yes, Add Subtitles and Add Chapters and Check Chapters for Ad Markers (not necessary in this case) are all checked in the Expert Settings Menu.

What naming do I need to use for the chapter xml files?

Young Hercules s01e02.mkv-Instant MKV-2023-10-15T21-42-21.log (430.7 KB)

XML files contains information that can be used to parse the into chapters. Infact MCEBuddy can pull the chapters directly from the MKV and MP4 files also. Subtitles are stores in SRT files.

The XML files generated are no recognized by MCEBuddy. Upload your XML and original MKV files to the server so we can see what’s going on:

INFORMATION> 2023-10-15T21:42:23 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob → Checking for EDL, EDLP, VPRJ or DTB XML files
WARNING> → XMLtoEDL: No valid entries found to write, not creating EDL file
WARNING> 2023-10-15T21:42:23 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob → Found existing DTB XML file but unable to save it as EDL


I haev uploaded the files to
John_Freiman/Chapter Insertion

Just for clarity, where did the XML chapter file come from? If we know the source we may be able to optimize it while processing the XML. The MKV file you uploaded doesn’t contain any chapters. Is that the original source or the output from the conversion?

Sorry, my bad. I included the file I was trying to “merg” – I have just uplaoded the origianl MakeMKV ripped file to the folder.

“Young Hercules s01e02 - Original MakeMKV rip.mkv”

We’ve added this feature in the latest 2.6.2 beta

It can now parse MKV XML, OGG/OGM and other chapter formats from files. It can also extract chapters markers embedded in MKV, MP4, TS and other formats.

You can also embed then chapters back into the converted file with the Embed chapter option in the Conversion Task → Advanced options page

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Lol, and to think that I thought this was being done (added) for several years!
I’m happy to see that this feature was added and will save me from manually adding then later.
Much appreciated.