Can I crop lines prior to Comskip detection?


It seems like Comskip (at least one inside of Channels DVR) doesn’t like ESPN’s ticker at the bottom, and only removes some commercials. But I found if I remove the extra lines in Handbrake first (94 at bottom (as well as the detected 94 lines at the top)), then Comskip/MCEB does a great job. I also would prefer the bottom 94 lines don’t make the final cut, which this does as well. But this means that I’m encoding the video twice (first time probably better quality than I need to).

If you want to split it into two conversions try daisy chaining the conversions with the first conversion using an unprocessed profile to avoid quality loss. See an example here.

Hmmm, OK. Although that still doesn’t solve my cropping issue…unkess I’m missing it.

I know there’s an auto crop setting, but I actually want to crop out a portion of the video broadcast (the sports ticket at the bottom). I didn’t realize there was an option for this…unless I have to figure out the command and add that to the profile?

So no I have it figure out the crop commands then and them to the first job profile. As there’s no cropping command in the GUI that I’ve found that will crop lines from top/bottom (just left and right I think (on phone now)).

I just looked at the Unprocessed profile, and it states it will not alter video, including cropping. I’ve also looked online and everyone states that you can’t crop without re-encoding the video.

Unless you’re referring to removing other video processing features to reduce the amount of re-encoding time and also reduce quality loss due to re-encoding? If so, what features/settings should I remove?

You can’t crop without recoding, however by using a quantizer of 0 in the profile it will be close to lossless but will create a very large video.