Australian Subtitles in converted mp4 files?

just a quick question before I buy a lifetime access license.
I’d like to convert existing wtv files into mp4 files to play in play in Plex. Will it be possible to store the closed caption information in the mp4 file and then to turn it on/off when playing the file (ie not burning in the captions)?
The wtv files are recorded Australian TV shows (not entirely sure how the subtitles are stored here in free to air TV).

Thank you for your help.

Just checking if anyone knows the answer to this?
I’m not married to MP4, happy to use MVK, but wanted to clarify if Australian closed captions can be included in the conversion process and how this would work? Separate file or part of the video file? Ability to turn closed captions on/off rather than burning them into the video file?

It should work fine, MCEBuddy supports closed captions in WTV but it depends on what encoding is used. In our sample files from AU it’s worked fine and it can add subtitles extracted from closed captions into MP4 and MKV files. Enable the options to Extract closed captions and Add subtitles:


Burning is completely different (this is adding it as a separate track into the containers). See the documentation on how to enable burning.