Analyzing Video Information

Downloaded the latest Version of MCE Buddy, the old versions work, the new one just sits on Analyzing Video Information, and just says working. Does not move.

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Try today’s 2.4.8 BETA build, we updated another component MediaInfo, in 2.4.8, which should solve this issue. Or you can download the latest version of MediaInfo.dll and replace it in your installation folder (you will need to rename it to MediaInfo32.dll and MediaInfo64.dll, you’ll need both versions).

so that works, but now its recording with the Descriptive Video as well ( I think that is a separate audio channel) it does do that on the windows media player, just after its converted. Also is there something I can do to speed things up? it seems to be going very slow

Correct, that’s the narrative audio track. See this common issues FAQ’s on how to tackle this: