Add support for multiple conversion profiles and the ability to assign them to different tasks

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I use comskip donator version but it’s commercial detection is imperfect so I’ve started using custom cuts for most shows and movies I record. But I have tons of shows I need to recut to remove chunks of commercials (especially those 3 minute mini informercials). When I do it I can either run them through my regular profile (mp4 normal) which takes as long as any other show. Or I can switch my conversion profile to MP4 no processing, which takes about 60 seconds. I’d love to have 2 different profiles with the ability to assign a particular profile to a task. Set one as default and then change it per task as needed.

This is an interesting post.

I’m curious how you might segment the profiles and tasks. Would you separate it out by different profiles per show name? By network name? Something else?

For me the easiest option is probably to set a default then manually choose a different profile by say right clicking on the file name in the list.

How is this different from opening a conversion task and changing the profile or creating 2 conversion tasks, one with your MP4 normal profile and one with the MP4 no processing profile?

Creating two profiles currently runs everything through both. And editing the profile is what I do now, but I have to work in batches. You have to wait until a batch finishes then edit the task, then add everything for that profile to the queue. Then when it’s done I have to change the profile back.

Having it run all profiles in every task might have made sense back when different devices supported different formats and frame sizes but it’s not the case any more.

Have you tried to create separate monitor locations (keep the files in different directories) for the two different types and then link them to those conversion tasks with the respective profiles?


Currently I leave everything in my record folder then for shows that don’t need manual editing I just add them to MCEBuddy. For shows that do require editing I open custom cuts, then when I’m done I add them to MCEBuddy from there. For shows I have to recut I copy them from my TV drive to a folder on my computer and then open them with custom cuts.

For your idea to work I’d have to make 2 new monitor folders. First move everything that doesn’t need custom cutting to the full process folder. Then anything that needs custom cutting I’d have to do that, then move those files and the edls to the full process folder. Then for the recuts I’d have to custom cut them then move those files and corresponding edls to the quick process folder. Quite a bit more for me to do.

So instead, I put in a feature request. And if that feature isn’t feasible or the author doesn’t want to do it then I’ll keep doing it the way I’m doing it now. Thanks for trying to be helpful.

That’s just a suggestion, requests are always welcome for the team to consider.

Explain your 2 profile solution in more detail please, where would you like to define the two profiles and how/where would you switch them?

So first we’d need an option to not run all profiles on everything. As part of that option we could set a default profile or be prompted to choose one when adding tasks.

Either way right clicking on the task in the queue should show an option to change which profile will process it. Excluding the active task of course.

In the profile list the default profile could be in bold or italics or something.

I solved this with the help of CycleJ.

Look at my post “Solved - Tablo Ripper move or store MP4 file in directory based on channel”

I use multiple directories to sort recordings and run different profiles on different channels.

I think with a little head scratching you can get this to work exactly as you need.

Good Hunting, CraigM

Assume you’re referring to this:

I see that the solution is to create separate conversion tasks (one for commercial skipping, the other for no skipping).

I have added an enhancement request to create a Regular Expression that would determine whether individual files should go through commercial processing. Not necessary, but there are several situations where that would be convenient.


Well no. I use the commercial cutting in both scenarios. In my regular conversions I use mp4 normal. An hour long show takes about 25 minutes. For shows I’m re-cutting I use mp4 no processing, as they’re already mp4 files. That takes about 1 minute (if I turn off the option to look online for data).

If you are adding these manually then I wonder if you could rename the files, add “no cut” or some string of text at the beginning of the file name that you could exclude in the default profile, and include in your 2nd profile? …so only one profile is picking up the task when added? But on second thought maybe that would interfere with looking up the show information…so maybe have to tag it as “.no cut.mkv” (at the end of the file name instead of beginning)…

Did you know that you can “Disable” conversion tasks? So if I understand your requirements, you need to switch between two tasks.

So you can create 2 conversion tasks with different profiles, right click on one and “Disable” it. When you want to switch, right click on the other and “Disable” it.

Hey I came across this looking for a way to convert a file from .ts to mp4 with the mp4 uncompressed setting then take the mp4 file and make a compressed version of the file and store the original mp4 uncompressed file in an archive folder. I noticed in version 2.5 the select monitor locations setting is not available. Would there be another way to do this?

It’s there:

Damn that was a quick replay, Thanks I found it

Couldn’t the Monitor Location and Conversion Task be linked by having the same name?