Add conversion task

Hi, I’m having an issue I’m hoping you guys can help me resolve…
I’m using buddy donator version latest beta build
I’m trying to add an INI file for a different channel
Here are my steps:
1-went to “settings”, 2-clicked “add”, 3-created new profile under conversion tasks, 4-under selection filters entered the channels I want for the new INI file, 5-under expert settings I entered the new INI file to correspond with the new channels
6-right clicked to enable
However, when I record a program from the new channels it’s recognizing the new task or INI file
Appreciate any help

In the main profile settings dialog, do you have “Ad Removal” enabled (checked)?

Otherwise, what you’ve described should work.
Goose might want you to turn up the debug log levels and then upload it for them to look at.