A few questions

Can mcebuddy auto launch after a reboot? Can you use mapped folders?


Yes you can run it at startup, you have to run it as a service, which honestly you should be doing anyway if you’re using plex or emby.
As for the mapped folders, I’m not sure, but in theory it could work, so long as the mapping occurs before mcebuddy is started.
I would find out how long it takes for your system to completely boot on average, and delay startup of MCEBUDDY until then. It should in theory be able to then access the mapped drive.
Let us know if this worked or if you found another way.

The default install is that it starts the engine as a service before a login. If you’re looking to start the user interface after a login see this

See this

Yes is all works perfectly now. Found that mcebuddy starts as a service anyways I configured it and now monitors my MAPPED DRIVES :grinning:. I have unchecked the audio options to leave it original but it’s not, what would cause this?


MCEBuddy is the best…

Audio conversion (or not) are driven by the profiles. You can create your own custom profile using the stock profiles as a base. See this topic for details