2.5.1 Release Notes

Premium version available through the Premium Access Program

Trial version is available here


  • Improved access to hardware acceleration with support for Intel QuickSync, Nvidia CUDA and AMD AMF/VCE graphics cards with automatic detection and encoder configuration. See this page for details.
  • Hugely improved metadata matching
  • Support more platform including HDHomeRun, TiVo and much more

Changelog for 2.5.1 (64bit)


  1. Brand new hardware encoding engine, supports NVidia NVEnc, Intel QuickSync and AMD AMF/VCE and multiple hardware encoders
  2. Added an option for strict processing, when enabled closed caption/subtitle/chapter processing errors will lead to a conversion failure (disabled by default)


  1. Update Silicon Dust HDHR metadata format to latest version and preserve original metadata better
  2. Fixed bug with 64bit MCEBuddy not remuxing TiVO files
  3. Fix for IMDB matching
  4. Fix for subtitle extraction partial failure in some cases
  5. Fixed an issue with reading original broadcast time metadata from filename
  6. Fix issue with MP4Box not working due to missing Microsoft runtime
  7. When selecting an internet metadata source, force overwrite if season/episode number are matching
  8. Fixed an issue with extracting HDHR SiliconDust metadata


  1. Use LAV Filters instead of FFDShow and Haali Media Splitter to support Windows 7-10 for MKV, H.256/HEVC and MPEG2 in AVI playback
  2. Minimum .NET requirement is 4.6.1
  3. Only support 64bit builds going forward
  4. Support for reading Emby metadata from tvshow.nfo
  5. Updated ffmpeg and handbrake to nightly build 9/26/19
  6. Add support for regex: in corrected title in metadata corrections
  7. Upgrade ccextractor to 0.88
  8. Added support for new Plex naming format
  9. Limit time while matching metadata from online providers to prevent infinite waiting
  10. Improved Custom Cuts navigations, now use Shift and Ctrl to speed up slider movements and auto focus slider after adding/deleting cuts
  11. Detect corrupted history file and prompt to reset it
  12. Added support for multiple codec filters
  13. Speed up metadata extraction for TS files
  14. Added support to extract premiere year from series title

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