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Installing WMC on Windows 10 (2)

How to sync WMC with a Windows Tablet (2)

Thanks to @DFox for making this script and instructions A simple script and a process to automatically keep my Media Center’s recorded TV, MCE Buddy converted files, and those files on my Surface RT all in sync, includin…

WTV Profile FAQs and Common Issues (2)

If WTV files don’t playback in Windows Media Center (MCE) or Windows Media Player (WMP) then uninstall KB2670838, if installed. All WTV profiles are WORKING starting version 2.3.15. So please update to 2.3.15 or later t…

Windows Media Center Plugin for MCEBuddy (2)

This plugin was created by andrei_kr which allows you to see the status and control MCEBuddy through Windows Media Center. The plugin can be downloaded from here:

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