YouTube Shows?

Was curious if I start downloading shows like First We Feast from YouTube will MCEBuddy be able to identify those shows or will they be left as unknown as they aren’t TV shows in the traditional sense?



Try it. They are mist likely mp4/h.264/aac which MCEBuddy handles fine. It depends on the container format and stream formats. Have you looked at the media details in one of the files using VLC? What did it say?

I don’t know if MCEBuddy can handle the new webm container format that sites are using/moving to, or if Google is using that because the browsers are supporting it.

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Late reply but was really interested in it’s ability to auto place files in folders based on the show/season capabilities. Can it pull show info based on the name of the file or something so it places them in the right folders or is it just more about TV shows or Movies?

Yes. Look closely at the help pages here for the file rename feature and the variables it can use.
You need to enable “Rename and Sort by video information” and “Enable custom file renaming” in the processing task profile. I process movies and sports first as separate tasks filtering for each type, then TV shows (since the other types would have been processed by the earlier tasks). However, I do not believe that Youtube videos encode show/season/episode information or that the information is posted by Google into either the IMDB (run by Amazon) or TheTVDB (volunteer/user submissions). You may have to resort to naming the files so that you can setup “exception” rules for that filename pattern to map to the specific IMDB or TheTVDB show codes.

For example, here is what I have for TV shows. It is all in one line in MCEBuddy, though.

\TV Shows\%showname%\Season %season%##\


If there is no season in the metadata, it places the show in a separate “Specials” folder and names them differently.