What am I doing wrong?

Hello. I’m using Tablo Ripper to download my shows from Tablo. Then I have MCEBuddy process and store them on my Plex Media Server. I’m having trouble with one show. MAGNUM PI 2018 is being copied to my server in a name that ends up with Plex assigning metadata for the older Tom Selleck version.

Here is the conversion email I get:

Source Video → T:\TabloRipper-MCEBuddy\Working\Magnum P.I. (2018)\Season 04\Magnum P.I. (2018) - s04e13 - Judge Me Not.mp4
Converted Video → \Mycloudpr2100\wd usb\TV Shows\Magnum P.I.\Season 04\S04E13-Judge Me Not.mp4
Profile → MP4 High Quality
Conversion Task → conversion backup
Converted At → 2022-01-28T22:40:58
Time taken to convert (hh:mm) → 00:57

Any thoughts about how I can fix the naming?

I would try using the Correction button under Media Information Management. Conversion Task>Advanced>Expert

First try checking the Prioritize air date matching checkbox.

If that doesn’t work then enter the Original Title that is within the meta of your source file (check the log file also to see if there is more information on the Metadata:) and then enter both the TVDB Series ID and the IMDB Series ID for the show. 350068 and tt7942796 in this case.

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Thanks. I’ll make some adjustments and see if it helps.

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I had the same issue. Here is my list of corrections. Some of the other shows that were an issue for me are on there. Maybe they will help you. Take note of the IMDB or TVDB show numbers. It will save you looking them up.

Note that I used wildcards in the match to avoid the whole matching “PI” or “P.I.” or however it got mangled in the guide data. My DVR is HD Homerun so that’s where my guide data comes from. YMMV, but these corrections should work.

Other shows I had problems in pushing them to Plex were: New Amsterdam, Survivor, ATK, Amazing Race.

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Nice! Thanks! You put some effort into it. I really appreciate you sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is more background on why they’re on my list.
PBS shows are notoriously missing from any DB. They’re distributed only through PBS, but are for the most part indpendent productions and episode details post-broadcast are usually only available from the show’s website if they even have one. Hence the entries for Project Smoke, Project Fire, Emeril, etc. If it isn’t in the guide data, it won’t be there.

And on some random website or even an episode guide, there isn’t a way to pull that information in any kind of usable format or API. It’s literally extracting it from some web page if it is even available. So the entries almost always have to be coded as a correction in MCE Buddy and if there is any metadata, it is almost always only what was in the guide data included by HDHR DVR when the show was recorded OTA. Any YT, web, or other sources of the episodes are pretty much SOL.

I wish there was a way to build a text file manually (JSON, XML, YAML, etc.) and be able to re-process with MCEBuddy (Custom Cuts?) that would JUST merge in the new metadata and not touch the streams - I don’t need any demux/mux/transcoding).

The entries for ATK and Chris Kimball’s Milk Street Kitchen are because apostrophes and quote marks are mangled in the guide data and databases - is it a single quote, an apostrophe, a close-single-quote and is it in ASCII or UTF-8 or some other character set encoding etc. It’s just a mess with special characters - mainly quote marks (single, double, open, close, universal) and dashes (hyphen, em-dash, en-dash). Hence the judicious use of minimal text matching and wildcards to ignore whatever weird junk ends up in the show name.

Amazing Race and Survivor are on there because they couldn’t get the season information right and Plex kept picking the “first” entry for the show when the show is available in multiple languages. So Plex would always pick Survivor - Albanian edition or some non-US version of the show.

I also have to tell Plex to prioritize the media metadata (that MCEBuddy puts there) over its own “agent” lookups in TVDB with fallback to IMDB (due to the massive numbers of Plex users doing that and IMDB having a sad for not being able to get money from Plex or their users to make Jeff Bezos even more money and blocking Plex requests on their “public” API).

And I’ve probably got some cleanup to do for shows that no longer air (John Besh, Cobra, Will & Grace).

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