Use monospace font in UI text entry fields, e.g Consolas

Request Type: NEW FEATURE

MCEBuddy Version: 2.5.8 March 27, 2023

Operating System: Win10x64 22H2

Summary of the problem or suggestion:
I have the following regex for a Channel filter in a profile: “*;~*DT,~*DT2;~*DT3;~*DT4,~*DT5”

I could not figure out why the profiles weren’t working as I thought they would until I was viewing the log file in my text editor, which uses a monospace font (Consolas is my current favorite, I used to use Lucida Console, and switched away from Courier because of its confusing glyphs for “1”, “l”, and “0”, “O”).

Please change the MCEBuddy profile property input/entry fields to display in a monospace font in order to better disambiguate some of the characters common in regexes, like “,”,“.”,“;”,“”“,”'" and “:”.

Steps to replicate the bug:
View a profile and enter several of the punctuation characters as in the above examples to see how indistinguishable they are from each other.

“*;~*DT,~*DT2;~*DT3;~*DT4,~*DT5” vs “*;~*DT,~*DT2;~*DT3;~*DT4,~*DT5
(I missed the commas instead of semicolons).
or “1”,“l”,“|”,“0”,“O”,“,”,“.”,“;”,“”“,”'" and “:” vs “"1","l","|","0","O",",",".",";",""","'" and ":"