TS to MKV or MP4 remux only?

Hello all.

I use Emby connected to my HDHomeRun Prime to record shows. Comcast in my area provides these shows as H.264 in a TS container (I believe).

I watch my shows via Kodi running on and Nvidia Shield. For what ever reason, TS video streams have an annoying pause when ever I skip forward or back so I prefer my videos to be in a MKV or MP4 container (which seems to fix the pause).

Is there a way, using MCEBuddy to remux the TS file into either MKV or MP4? I don’t want to re-encode but that’s the only way I see to do it in MCEBuddyso far.

I’ve looked at the free version and don’t see a profile that is obvious for my needs. Perhaps the doner version has what I need?

Thanks for any help!NOTE: Don’t forget to attach your conversion log or MCEBuddy.log file as appropriate

Use any of the Unprocessed profiles (premium version)