Time offset for subtitles

MCEBuddy Version: 2.6.2

Operating System: Win11 Pro

Summary of the suggestion: Option to add time offset for subtitles

Please add a simple “Time Correction” setting for subtitles. Mine are appearing roughly 1 second early.

Allow users to load just their SRT file (post creation) for adjusting after the video file is created.

Already exists

Is this available in the “Trial” version (2.6)? Because I can’t find it.

I click “Settings”, click the drop-down for “General Settings” (no “Expert Settings” there), click “System Settings” (not there either.)

I do not find “Expert Settings” anywhere.

Settings → Conversion task → Expert settings

Here is what I’m getting (video):

Double click on the Conversion task from the list. See my post above

Thx. Unfortunately, my trial just expired to test it out. :frowning: