Subtitle Extraction from Converted File

I am utilizing your new OCR extraction on previously converted MP4 files with soft-coded subtitles. On several of the files - it did great work. However, on some of them, no SRT files are generated. I used MP4Box to determine some info - and found that it was not able to create an SRT file with a track of type “subp:mp4s”. My full info looks like:

Media Info: Language “English” - Type “subp:mp4s” - 2481 samples\r\nMPEG-4 Config: NeroDigital Subpicture Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0xe0\r\nSynchronized on stream 1\r\nAlternate Group ID 3

Any thoughts on why no SRT comes out? Thanks!

No idea, if you upload your original file we can take a look at it. It could be just an unsupported format.