Startup Question

I would like to be able to start MCEBuddy and not have it’s status window shown as an icon on the taskbar (minimized or otherwise)

the /startmin while nice, still shows the status window taskbar icon, & if maximized then minimized manually it had the desired behavior, but this isn’t an option as the machine is meant to be the WMC machine handle the recordings & transfer of files (to the other PC) without user interaction or interference to Cable viewing/movie playback on a TV.
–I wish to keep it as simple as I can, with minimal clutter & fully automated

The MCEBuddy engine is a windows service that runs in the background. Don’t start/close the GUI app. It’s just a user interface to allow the user to interact with the engine.

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Thank you?!?

Quick question… Will it retain the settings I put in (through the GUI interface).

I wasn’t aware of how it worked. I thought it wasn’t starting up as the service. (I thought it would show up in the notifications box)

Yes otherwise it wouldn’t work. The UI is just a user interface to the engine - that’s where everything resides.