Sports Database Lookup for major leagues and championship info (semi-finals, finals, etc.)

NOTE: Don’t forget to attach your conversion log or MCEBuddy.log file as appropriate

I am having issue where MCEBuddy does not grab sports contest information presumably because there is no database to use as lookup for sports. I found which appears to be patreon suppported. I am wondering if that could be integrated into MCEBuddy to query the teams involved with a “vs.” in the middle and even the length of game or final score would extremely awesome. I know this would be a lot of work potentially, but long term would really be great. In the mean time, is there a way to strip all the non A-Z characters from sports contests titles as it just makes file name longer. I could just have MCEBuddy prevent overwriting files so it would end up being NBA Basketball (1)…NBA Basketball (2)…etc. The date/time in title is supposed to be useful for lookup in database but obviously that doesn’t exist so kinda pointless. I have to manually change the file names to teams involved and final score at the moment.