Skip Commercials Only if a Marker Exists

Is there a setting that exists to only remove commercials if markers exist? For example, I check the box “Check Chapters for Ad Markers” and set “Ad Remover” to ComSkip. Some of my videos have ad markers and others don’t. I would like to only run ComSkip on the videos that do have ad markers and skip the ones that don’t. Is this possible? Thanks!

It should do that automatically. When it detects ad markers it converts them into an EDL immediately. If MCEBuddy find the EDL file it doesn’t run Comskip. Conversely if there are no valid ad markers then there will be no EDL file and MCEBuddy will run Comskip.

If you’re seeing other please attach your conversion log(s)

I think the way I asked this wasn’t quite right - but your last line is exactly what I’m trying to figure out if I can do differently. You said “if there are no valid ad markers then there will be no EDL file and MCEBuddy will run Comskip” - is there an option to NOT run comskip if there is no EDL (or ad markers)?

Essentially i have online recordings - some have ad markers (conversion then only takes 4 minutes) but some don’t (conversion can take two hours since it is trying to detect ads that don’t exist). I would like to be able to not do these two hour conversions and just leave the video as is if not ad markers exist.

MCEBuddy takes it’s cue from your conversion task settings. If you task has commercial detection enabled, it will either look for a EDL file (either supplied with the video file or the video file has ad markers build into it which then will be converted to a EDL file). If there is no EDL file it will run Comskip (or ShowAnalyzer) depending on your configuration.

If you don’t want commercial cutting you would need to set your task commercial detection settings to None

ok - that’s a bummer - was hoping for an EDL only option. Thanks for the feedback - great tool!

We’ve been debating that for a while now but feel it may end up confusing users. Have a section that only looks for markers or EDL files but not run commercial detection.
Do open a FEATURE request in the feature category and we’ll see if we can mock something up.

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