Save all temporary files in \working0 directory

Is there a way to prevent mcebuddy from deleting all the temporary files that were created in the \working0 directory after the conversion process is over? I wish to look at the files as I am having issues with remnants of commercials left after cutting and bad audio-video sync issues.

I am using the Unprocessed MP4 profile (no mods to the profile). I have the donator version of Comskip running. I have the early access version of mcebuddy ( running.

I am seeing 2-3 seconds of the last part of cut commercials. When I play the converted .mp4 file back with avidemux, I have to shift the audio output by -900 ms to get back in sync.

No but you can write a post custom command which runs cmd.exe with one command ‘pause’. Make sure you set the show window parameter to true so you can press a key to have r continue when you’re done otherwise it’ll just hang indefinitely waiting for a user input with no window.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give that a try. I may be back in touch for suggestions on my sync problem if I can’t figure it out looking at the intermediate data files.