Rename without converting

I used to use MCEBuddy to convert my MP4 and MKV files to WMV for my XBox 360. Now I have a Shield TV Pro so don’t really need to convert the files anymore but still want to take advantage of naming conventions that MCEBuddy can facilitate. Any way to do this? The MP4 Uncompressed isn’t really viable as I can’t guarantee the source content in the container. If it exists hopefully I don’t need to create a MKV Uncompressed profile for MKV and an MP4 Uncompressed profile for MP4 as I have 6 profiles for different folders so would have to create double for at least these two formats.

Sure you can, it’s a very popular way to organize your library using the Rename without converting option in the Conversion Task settings. You can use all the renaming with metadata management options without converting any files.

Anyway to keep the same naming convention without organizing into folders?

Sure you can, you have unlimited options using the custom renaming pattern options. MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking

So I’m using MCEBuddy now to rename my WMC content into folders. I have a script I use to remove commercials from the shows. Not using MCEBuddy, using something custom. What I want to do is when the DOS Batch commercial removal script is done processing each file, to have MCEBuddy move it to it’s appropriate area.

So here is what I have so far.

Assume no Monitor locations for this

Conversion Task:

  • Name: Rename WMC RecordedTV
  • WTV Unprocessed
  • Add Remover: None
  • Checked Rename and sort by video information
  • Checked Rename without converting
  • Checked Organize by Seasons
  • File name filter: *NAELC.wtv (NAELC is appended to the filename when commercials are removed)
  • Monitor location Manual/CLI files

So I think this is right. Just two questions assuming it looks OK:

  1. How do I call this from the batch file? I have the filename in a variable already.
  2. Is there a way thru the Conversion Task to delete the original since it seems the delete option is not in the Conversion Task or should I just delete the original thru the batch script?

Is there a way to do custom file renaming for movies and tv at the same time or only one command can be input into that field? I don’t use folders for organizing because I use btsync and the sub folders on Android are so hard to delete

If your files have the metadata identified correctly, try one of the conditional renaming operators like %ismovie%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse>

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