Remux mkv to mp4 but only files under 2000mb

I Re-encode big files down to 2000mb (or 3000) using vidcoder.

But mkv’s under 2000mb i would like to just remux.

How can I set up Buddy to search a particular folder and remux just the mkv files 2000mb and under?

TOO Hard?

Reclassifying as a feature request.

File size filters have now been added to Conversion Task -> Expert Settings in today’s 2.4.9 BETA build.

Thanks Goose (if that is not too informal?),

I will give it a go.

I am a little confused though.

Lets say i would like to convert only media that greater 2000mb

I would think I put >2000

The “skip conversion” is confusing me !

Does that have anything to do with the file size?

The option is called “Skip reconversion”. You can rest your mouse on the option for more detailed help.

It basically checks if the file has already converted (it compares the filenames) and if it find that that file has already been converted then it wont’ convert it again. This helps preventing reconverting files with certain recorders like Media Center which re-record the same show with different source filenames.