Recover backup settings

I had an issue where my computer locked up and I had to force reboot it. After that mcebuddy would not connect to the service. I removed and reinstalled, and now all my settings and conversion tasks are gone. Is there any way to get them back?

You can check if the backup settings files are present:

Backup configuration files are stored by MCEBuddy when it’s uninstalled. Open the folder %HOMEPATH% (this is a windows variable, just type that into your Run prompt or Windows Explorer). The following 3 files if found, mcebuddy.conf , profiles.conf and history are the backup configuration files

The files are there. What do I do with them from here?

  • Make sure that MCEBuddy is stopped.
  • Then place the files in the config directory where MCEBuddy is installed.
  • Then click the setting button to load the configuration.

This didn’t work. After replacing those files, now the client won’t connect to the service. I’ve verified the service is running.

Check the client connection setup, it should be connected to localhost at port 23332.


FYI, you can also leave the files in the backup directory and reinstall MCEBuddy. When MCEBuddy is installed, it checks for and reads the information from those backup files and restores them automatically.

Where’s the backup directory? I can’t find one.

Those are the files I was trying to copy back in. It doesn’t restore those apparently on a reinstall. I may just have to recreate it all.

Then they may be corrupted. You can attach them here and I can check them out. (13.0 KB)
Here you go.

Simplest way to test them is to open them Notepad (these are text files).
Your mcebuddy.conf file is corrupted beyond recovery unfortunately. You’ll have to recreate your configuration. You can still use your History file though, that looks good (it’ll prevent any reconversions).

Well that’s a bummer. Thanks for checking.

I’ve rebuild my conversion tasks, but now I have a new issue. On the conversions where I need to cut commercials, it has started cutting off about the last 5 to 10 minutes of the shows. I never had this issue before having to reinstall from scratch.

Commercial detection is done by Comskip or Showanalyzer. The conversion tasks don’t have any role in that. You should checkout the tuning commercial detection topic.