Plex is now doing commercial skip - readable from MCEBuddy for cuts?

Hi all,

Plex is now offering commercial skipping vs cutting the commercials out. My understanding is that the cutmarks are sourced from the behavior of the community, so they should be pretty accurate (admittedly supposition).

Is this information that MCEBuddy can access for cuts?

Thanks! Will.

Depends on where they’re sourcing it from, EDL files, built in metadata or somewhere else.

Interesting… The possibilities here…

I saw that new feature in Plex yesterday when I was setting up some recordings. Will have to give it a try, would have to be fast than cutting them out one would think.


The cut points are in the database, and can be accessed via XML, but the only way I’ve been able to get to the XML is through the GUI. I don’t think there’s any way to access the actual xml file with the cut points.

You can read the xml files for a given media element via the plex api key - Goose showed me how to trigger a refresh of the library via curl some time ago. I wonder if the XML cut points are accessible via a similar method?

This may have the method in it: Viewing Item Details | Plex Support