Pixelation at start of video

If I use my NVIDIA GPU to encode, the start of the video is pixelated at the bottom portion of the scene for a few seconds. Why would this happen? Using Handbrake with GPU does not do this.

I uploaded my files to the FTP server.

Also, how can I know if the encode is using the GPU or CPU by looking at the log files? What specifically do I look for?

This topic explains how to check if hardware encoding is being used:

Your logs are showing that hardware encoding is being used:

2021-05-26T18:33:55 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake → [18:33:55] + encoder: H.264 (NVEnc)
2021-05-26T18:33:55 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Handbrake → [18:33:55] encavcodecInit: H.264 (Nvidia NVENC)

Thanks for uploading the files. I checked your cut MCE GPU.mp4 video file and I don’t see any pixilation. Playing back using VLC 64bit on Windows 10 and it’s clear. I think it’s an issue with your playback codecs. Attaching the screenshot, left is what I’m seeing, right is what you’ve reported:

Hmmm. I also am on Win10 x64 using VLC. Only GPU-encoded via MCE does this.

Thanks for the info.