Not cutting longer commercials

Hi, im using 2.5.4 premium and am not able to successfully cut longer ads.

In the log uploaded to b_vance, there is a 2min plus commercial about 42 mins into the movie that i cannot seem to detect and delete. it is preceded by a 20 sec ad from the channel promoting another movie. Things i have tried:

  • multiple reinstalls of mcebuddy, including beta
  • other ini files from recommended portals
  • showanalyzer
  • different versions of comskip

The attached log was created after a fresh install, and a few tweeks to the ini to try to catch longer ads.

I thought i was technically astute until i started reading the detailed posts :slight_smile:

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

You’ll need to tweak you comskip, try using more “aggressive” settings. There’s a GUI included to help you tune your comskip ini, you can find more details here: Tuning Comskip and Custom Comskip INI's (Country / Channel specific)

Similarly you can tweak ShowAnalyzer using the GUI tool included (which can be found from the windows start menu)

Thanks Goose. I’ve read those tips for days and adjusted the INI file dozens of times. Seems everything i do reduces the number of commercials removed, rather than making it more aggressive. Are there any basic tips you can offer for cutting more commercials?