No Chapter Markers

Does add chapters in expert settings suppose to put markers where the commercials were removed?
I use media player classic and VLC neither shows markers where commercials were cut.

MCEBuddy will add chapters markers where the commercials are if you don’t cut the commercials, ie. enable the options Only detect ads and Embed chapters:

Question: If you’re already cutting the commercials why would you want the commercial chapter markers?

To see if the commercials were removed and how accurate comskip was. Sometimes I don’t want to sit through a whole show to check my comskip ini settings.

So if I’m understanding what you’re saying, you want to see the accuracy of the comskip ini settings and markers help you do that. Would I be correct in assuming that this would be a temporary activity, i.e. for tuning you comskip and that once it’s been tuned (for your series or channel etc), then there wouldn’t be any further use of the cut ad markers?

Am trying to understand the use case here (is this a temporary or permanent use of the markers so we can design it accordingly), if this is a short term activity then why just check the Only detect ads and Embed chapters to tune your comskip and then once it’s done revert back to cutting the ads from the files? Is there a reason you would want to keep the ad markers in the final videos (without ads) for the long term?

Yes it would be temporary. I will try your tip.

Checked only detect ads can’t find embed chapters is it under expert settings?

I’m using Beta 2.6.2 guess I need to use 2.6.1?

Installed 2.6.1 still no embed chapters.

It’s under expert settings in older versions (called add chapters). If you’re running the latest 2.6.2 beta then it’s where the my last screen is showing in the conversion task settings as embed chapters

Not on mine both are the same as my screen shot above. No embed chapters just extract subtitles and closed cap. What version you using that you took that screen shot?

Todays 2.6.2 beta build

What is the best app to use to see the chapter markers using vlc don’t have any chapter markers
windows media player no chapters marks on the time line?

Media Player Classic usually shows them if they are embedded, not sure about external.

Also check out this feature addition which may be of use: