Add Beginning Chapter Marks

For the Add Chapters option, can the beginning chapter marks for commercials be added to the final file as well? Right now only the end chapter marks are added, which is ok if watching a show from the beginning and just skipping to the end of the commercials after a commercial break starts, but it’s a bit limited in functionality. Adding the beginning chapter marks would expand it’s usability. 2 primary scenarios that I can think of, although I’m sure there are others.

  1. I taped the Super Bowl and I want to go to the commercials, NOT the game. I can’t do that without beginning chapter marks for the commercials.
  2. If the Commercials are labeled “commercial”, then media servers (Plex, Emby, etc) can spot the commercials and auto-skip.

Is this the right marker term? Are you referring to any plugin?

No, I’m referring to advertisements in tv shows.

Can you explain what you need MCEBuddy to do here?

Yes, basically to just add a marker for the beginning of an advertisement and tag it advertisement.

I was looking for the exact tag name Advertisement or Commercial or Commercials or Ad etc

That it is named will determine which players will pick it up and what specific words they are looking for.

Ah, sorry. Yes, I think Advertisement would be best. That’s how PlayOn tags the commercials too.

Are you planning to add this option to an upcoming release? That would be really awesome if you did. :grin:

Yes it’s on our list

Awesome, thanks! Almost forgot, but here’s an example of what a PlayOn recording looks like: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.. The full Ad block gets tagged “Advertisement”. If you open it up in VLC and hover over the Ad block you’ll see the word Advertisement during the full ad block time.

Not sure if that helps at all, but figured I’d pass it along.

I can’t access this link to the sample video

Ok, here’s a new sample video.
American Housewife (2016) - s05e01 - Graduation.mp4

The video file is corrupted, not able to access the markers:

Do you have another video? Was this created by PlayOn?

This feature has been added in today’s 2.6.2 beta build. When using the Only detect ads option along with the Embed chapters, it will not create chapters for the start of each video segment and the corresponding start of the subsequent Advertisement/commercial segment.

If you’re cutting the Ad’s and enable the Embed chapters option then it will create a chapter marker for the start of each video segment (after the ad was cut).

Awesome, thanks! Sorry I didn’t respond yesterday. Guess you made do with what I sent or would you still like me to hunt for another video?

Go ahead and try the latest build and see if it works for you.