Newbie Recommendations Request!

I am in the UK and record TV in .TS format.

I have a working configuration that I am happy with so far but my commercial removal can be a little hit and miss.

I mainly watch UK channels but also ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC from the US and could do with a little advice from anyone else who may have a similar setup to me?

I don’t mind what format I save converted video to as long as it can be watched with Media Portal 2 and can contain multi-channel soundtracks.

I am not running anything against shows from the BBC as they have no ads and have recorded quite a few shows from CBS over the past week. Commercial detection on those seemed to be lot better when they were displaying their festive icon (like a big snowflake around the logo) but since that has switched back to normal seems to be a lot more hit and miss.

Any advice would be gratefully received.