Merging shows together

I filed a problem over at Greenbutton and this is what came back !

Never seen it happen. Can’t say if you’re using the free/old version but make sure you’re on the latest version.

If you’re facing an issue please attach your conversion log and we will definitely look into it.

I am using v 2.4.8 the log file size is 627,000kb - The Librarians.txt

Thanks will check it out.

You can also upload directly to our server, details here:

Do you want me to upload it ?

Yes if you can, that would be great.

Ok its done. Folder Rickt1962 do NOT use Notepad++ to big of a file need to use notepad and it will take along time to load

So I had a look at the logs and it’s working exactly as it’s supposed to.

You’re original WTV file is 13.7GB and 8 hours long. MCEBuddy stripped the commercials from it and reduces it to about 5.5hrs and about 5 GB.

If you scroll to the end of the logs you’ll see the summary as well.

Your issue is Windows Media Center, that’s the culprit which is combining multiple shows into a single recording.

We’ve seen that before and it’s a bug with Windows MC.

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Thank You ! For the quick response ! The link I posted at Greenbutton they changed the title of my post. It was titled “All right who is the bad guy” Now I am suspicious they just wanted to sell VideoRedo !