MCEBuddy service not connected - corrupted history file

Previous version I used (2.4.5) had been working until 2 days ago when it stopped popping messages “MCEBuddy service not connected” on top of the app windows and “The MCEBuddy Service is unaavailable. Please start from Windows control panel or check engine connection.” I also noticed the old version was no longer to be supported. Therefore, I upgraded to the 2.4.7. But the same problem persists.

I tried to manually restart MCEbuddy2x in Services window. This worked before when I encountered similar issue, but not this time.

I also noticed that the process stops everytime when it was “Getting show information and banner from Internet sources”. Does it mean MCEBuddy has to be connected to the internet to be working? Apparently, I am connected to the internet, maybe it just cannot find what it needs and proceed further.

I am getting nowhere. Please help.

mcebuddy.log (9.5 MB)

After hours of trials and errors, finally, I located the problem by disabling ‘Check history’ pointing to problematic “history file”. It was further confirmed after failing to access history by clicking on “Show history”, which led to what is shown in the picture. Solution? Delete history file and restart MCEBuddy.

Hope this might help anyone with a corrupt history file.

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If you’re havea copy of this corrupted file can you upload it for us to analyze. We would like to make it hardier so it doesn’t fail if the file happens to get corrupted.

Sorry, as I mentioned, I deleted file to solve the problem.

Could it be possible, that the history file was imply too big to access?

Not likely it can handle up to 800,000 sections (file names) and about 300 conversions per file.

However another user reported a similar a few weeks ago with a corrupted history file that causing it to have an issue while trying to read it.

We’re implementing a new engine to read and write the history file because of a bug in the way the windows API is handling it natively. A lot of effort, but should be worth it. We just need more test files. Don’t know if it’s still on your recycle bin.

Unfortunately, no. I have a habit of pressing shift key while deleting. Will be more careful to preserve MCEBuddy files in the future.