MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.NVidiaQuery Misdetecting H.264/265 Capability When Multiple GPUs Present

Hi, I have multiple GPUs installed into my computer for no good reason at this point (one was set for dedicated PhysX). A GTX 670 and a GTX 1070.

When trying to use hardware encoding HVEC on my GPU, the MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.NVidiaQuery is only detecting the support on my GTX 670 (which doesn’t support HVEC). I tried using handbrake manually and it successfully will do HVEC on my 1070. I also removed my 670 from my machine and MCEBuddy works as expected (properly doing HVEC through my 1070)

Not a deal breaker but something I figured I should report.

Dual Nvidia GPUs (670 and 1070).log (3.0 MB) Single Nvidia GPU (1070).log (1.3 MB)

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Thanks for the logs and for reporting this. Fixed in today’s 2.5.4 beta build. It will take the first (primary) Nvidia GPU when multiple GPU’s are detected. Try it out.