MCEBuddy always keeps the first audio track (wrong language)

If a video has another language track before the English track (i.e. French), then MCEBuddy will process the file, but keep the French track only. I have English (eng) selected in the system settings. But it seems to ignore that and always uses track 1 (even if properly labelled).
Possibly related, I read a post that said that if the video did not have the audio track labelled, that MCEBuddy would label it according to your language selection. This is not working for me, either. If the track is “unknown” (even though it is actually English), the resulting file stays “unknown”.

The file for which the logfile is attached below had French first, and English second. The resulting file was in French (labelled French, too).

audiolanguagetest.mp4-Convert to MP4-2020-02-25T19-24-46.log (640.6 KB)

You’re using a custom audio profile with hard coded values for audio tracks and it’s also telling MCEBuddy not to make any modifications to the audio (your profile is pre optimized) hence it doesn’t do any track selection or any changes to the audio setup. It does what your profile is telling it to do:

–> handbrake-audio=-E faac,faac -R auto,auto -B 128,256 -D 1.5,1.5 --gain 10,10 -6 stereo,5point1
–> handbrake-audioac3=-E faac,faac -R auto,auto -B 128,256 -D 1.5,1.5 --gain 10,10 -6 stereo,5point1
–> handbrake-AudioOptimized=true

Use the stock profile and it will pick the track you’ve selected

Goose, as always you are right on. I didn’t realize what AudioOptimized was, I based my profile on someone elses and left that in because I was not sure what it did. Thanks!

I did as you suggested and used the stock profile. It did select the English track!

But the other issue is with labelling unknown tracks. I have a bunch of files that I need to convert, all with the same unknown audio (in the log file is says “und”). I thought that I read in this old thread that MCEBuddy will label the audio with the selected language.

I’ll attach the log file for the test mp4 with unknown audio, if you don’t mind taking a look, please.

How To Fix: Plex Shows 'Unknown' For Audio and/or Subtitle Tracksaudiolanguagetest2.mp4-Convert to MP4-2020-02-26T13-15-19.log (616.6 KB)

That’s for subtitles language tagging. With audio tracks is more complicated since the underlying encoders don’t support that features and tagging them after the encoding has led to tracks getting the incorrect tag when multiple tracks are present. We’re considering this for the future once we the underlying encoders provide support for language tagging.

Gotcha. Thanks, Goose. I misunderstood the old post about audio languages.