MacOS version potential?

Hello -
Longtime premium access person here and I love the app. I run it in a Windows VM on a Mac via Parallels and it has always run great. Wondering if you guys have considered a native MacOS version, especially given the good reports on Apple Silicon. I may switch in 2021 and would love to keep using MCEBuddy on the M1 platform if possible.
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One thing that might work for you is that I’ve heard the M1 can emulate windows on ARM (faster than the native devices lol). The most recent version of windows on ARM supports x64 emulation natively. So in theory you could do something very similar to what you already have. Run windows on ARM on the M1, and just install MCEbuddy and see if it works. I actually have a raspberry pi running full windows on ARM so I may give that a shot just to see what happens, it’ll be slow but hey its neat.

Installed fine on Windows on ARM, running a test conversion + comskip right now. Expect to be slow.
Update. 3 hours in about 50% done. at this point I think it’ll be fine so that at least is a temp solution for your M1 Apple and I would expect it to run pretty snappy compared to my raspberry pi.

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I tried running it in CrossOver, but had no luck. It keeps on installing .NET frameworks and restarts, but I can’t find the .exe. If anyone has more CrossOver experience, maybe they can figure it out.