Keep original container (file type) after converting

I use channels DVR and recently encountered some lag issues with ffwd and rew on recordings. After some discussions with other members and testing on my own I have come to the conclusion that the playback is much better with mp4 compression. I have come to the conclusion that Channels DVR doesn’t support mp4 files themselves. After some more discussing and testing I have found that if I use the MP4 High Quality “profile” setting within MCEbuddy then change the extension back to .mpg it will play beautifully.
I love the automation within MCEbuddy monitoring and then converting. Is it possible for MCE buddy to keep the original container??
I just tried using the custom renaming command with conversion tasks
The output file is named xxy.mpg.mp4 from a file xxy.mpg being converted

I would like a file with mp4 compression output as xxy.mpg

Can MCebuddy do this automatically for me? I would love to not have to log in and change filenames on my server running the DVR service

You don’t need to use customcommands for this one.

You can modify the profile to change the extension to your choice. I would recommend creating a new profile with a new name, you can copy all the settings from MP4 High Quality and then just add this line:


Do remember, this doesn’t keep the original container but just the filename. The container is defined by your profile in this case it’s a MP4. It’s just changing the extension of the file, most players are smart enough to ignore the extension and look at the actual content to determine the container and the codecs within the container.

See this post:

and this for more advanced stuff:

Thanks I knew there had to be something I was missing. I looked at the profiles section, didn’t see it. I bet if I would have opened the profiles.conf and looked around a bit I would have had a eureka moment. I love your product! I especially love your commitment to support!

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You’re welcome, spread the word :slight_smile: